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September 24, 2011
By Magnes SILVER, Trinagle, Virginia
Magnes SILVER, Trinagle, Virginia
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What is beauty? Is it the hair, skin color, and eyes or is it the person? What defines and who defines it?

I went bald this week and the reaction I got was unbelievable. Some said it looked great, others didn't like it. The stigma of what is beautiful affects high school students in a way I never expected. Certain people won't talk to me because I went bald, or just stare and whisper at the fact that I have no hair. What do they care? Is it their head or is it mine?

They ask why I did it; the only answer I have is that I was tired of my hair. I was tired of putting chemicals in my hair , and my hair was falling out because of it. So I decided to just cut it all off. No--I don't have cancer. No--my intention was not to make a statement. But while the issue is on hand, why not talk about it?

Beauty to me is not defined by the amount of hair I have. To me its defined by my personality, my creativity, my passion, my love for those I care about, my eyes, my smile. Beauty is me. Its not what I wear or the amount of hair I have on my head. My hair does not make me.

What everyone must understand is that the media should not dictate what beauty is because the media changes. The media's interpretation of beauty is sometimes not realistic. The truth is that as an individual you must define what beauty is to you. Your neighbor, your mother, you boy/girl friend do not define it.

I find that those who are uncomfortable with my hair are uncomfortable with themselves. I have the confidence, the elegance and the grace to be who I am and not apologize for it. Neither should you. Do not comprise yourself and conform to society's view of the norm. Be bold, be yourself. Love yourself. And never apologize for it.

(You can be beautiful on the outside yet ugly on the inside. Outside beauty fades but inner beauty lasts a lifetime.)

The author's comments:
( I wrote this article on May 12, 2010 for the What's Bruin Newspaper and decided to use it as a College Personal Statement.)

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