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September 12, 2011
By Ramzi El-Ramahi BRONZE, Oak Lawn, Illinois
Ramzi El-Ramahi BRONZE, Oak Lawn, Illinois
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In a world that has become so contaminated with mindless exploits, one thing that has remained constant is the purity of intelligence. Living in my family comes with many uphill battles, with the highly-touted academic success of my sister and brothers I have had an underlying mentality that success is the only option. I have always felt that I push myself to new limits when given a task that exceeds my prior limitations. The basis of my inspiration to push myself this hard is my first-hand knowledge of the fragility of life and what is necessary for academic success.

One family problem that has had a profound effect on my life was when I was 8 years old: I was playing in my basement with my twin brother when he heard my mother shriek in fear, we frantically ran upstairs to see what was wrong, as we reached the kitchen my mom was shaking with fear and I asked what happened but, not to worry us, she told me nothing and to go upstairs. A few minutes later my uncle came and stayed with us as my mother went to the hospital. A few days later my brother and I, still unaware of what occurred, were playing in the family room when all of a sudden my whole family came in wheeling my moaning brother in on a wheelchair with a neck brace on. We were then told that our older brother had been involved in a car crash that severely hurt his spine. The massive effect this can have on an 8 year child is unquantifiable; to see someone that you have looked up to and admired your whole life in such a weak position just shakes your world. From then on, I have understood the fragility of life, and it has since been the driving horse behind my educational outlook.

Something that separates me from other applicants is my first hand knowledge of what it entails to be a successful student in any situation that I am put in. With one of the most influential characters in my life, my brother, sharing my dream career of medicine, I have full knowledge and guidance of what it would take to fulfill my dream. I sometimes even spend some of my free time going into my brother’s room and just peering into his book while he is reading and sort of preparing me for what I hope is to come. The values he has instilled in me, such as the importance of unwavering hard work and diligence, will never go unnoticed. These will forever be etched into my overall outlook of how things should and will be done.

In conclusion, what drives me to succeed in life is my full understanding of the fragility of life and the correlation between hard work and academic success. These experiences have taught me that, regardless of what is in your way never sell yourself short and to always put your whole heart in what you do. Something that separates me from other applicants is my unique ability to always be a top flight performer in any situation I am put in.

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