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September 5, 2011
By Anam14 SILVER, Houston, Texas
Anam14 SILVER, Houston, Texas
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The “process” of bringing peace in the Middle East has never been easy. Creation of Israel since 1948 has spurred conflicts, given rise to wars and many disputes throughout the world. Palestinians and the neighboring Arab countries couldn’t accept the fact that Israel was now a part of the region that they once considered theirs. Attacks began on the newly claimed land of Israel but with the support of the United States and a common aim towards achieving a nation that solely belonged to the Jews, Israel won against the disunited Arab nations who were fighting for different causes.
The six day war further aroused animosity between the already antagonized nations in the Middle East. Seizing Sinai from Egypt, Golan Heights from Syria, the West Bank and the Old City of Jerusalem from Jordan, Israel confirmed the fears of its neighboring Muslim countries.
Peace in the Middle East is an issue of utmost importance for not just the people residing in those areas but for the world as a whole. It poses a threat to the peace and stability around the globe and questions the value of basic human rights that are violated in those war-affected regions in the Middle East. Palestinians (both Muslims and Christians) are deprived of their fundamental rights. According to Jimmy Carter’s ‘Palestine peace not apartheid’ Palestinians in the occupied regions are not allowed to “assemble peacefully, travel without restrictions, or own property without the fear of its being confiscated by a multitude of legal ruses”. Having to see this kind of situation that prevails in the world, we ask ourselves the purpose of our existence and question our own morals and values. We as human beings should help and protect those who are violated of their rights and also put stop to those who are behind such deeds. Yes, the state of Israel may argue that treating the Palestinians like this is a precaution for their own safety but we should look into the fact that treating Palestinians the way they are now is only spreading more hatred rather than stopping it causing a never ending instability in the region. It is not just Palestinians or Israelis but the major religions throughout the world all start to have differences and arguments.
Issue of Palestine is also important based on the economic prospect of the world. If the relationships between Palestine and Israel further deteriorates, or any of the Muslim countries try to attack Israel or if Israel attacks any neighboring country the oil trade can get affected by this. Foreign countries that invest or are looking to invest in these countries for oil drilling projects may not do so because of safety issues. So I believe one of the most important benefit peace can bring is the establishment of greater trade opportunities. Thus, this would mean that there might be a reduction in the prices of oil and gas which would profit ordinary citizens and also help establish more industries or businesses.
The ongoing war between Palestine and Israel is the reason that so many Palestinians are unemployed. It is the reason for so many uneducated Palestinian children. And it is the cause for immigration of Palestinians to the neighboring countries where they are mainly treated as second class citizens. All of this is widening the gap between the different regions of the world. Some parts of the world are forced into poverty and illiteracy while other parts of the world enjoy the best of the opportunities that life has to offer.
Corruption, theft and other criminal activities rise when the government is shaky and people are living in horrendous circumstances. Innocent people become victims of such social ills of the society and respect for one another or the values and morals are forgotten. When the media portrays this on television or internet people learn to get used to it and slowly it changes the mindset of the people who later use the same techniques when put under similar conditions. Thus, hatred and violence become the answer to the troubles that people might be facing.
Situation in Middle East affects me because I am a human being. It is heart breaking to see other human beings face starvation, violence and oppression. But it is even more heart breaking to know for a fact that the situation is going to remain the same if this “all or nothing” attitude remains. Both Israel and Palestine need to reach compromises to achieve peace in the holy land, peace in the Middle East and peace all over the world.


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Hey everyone :). Please feel free to correct any errors that you may find. Grammatical error correction will be greatly appreciated. This is a college essay and I wrote what I thought was right. Please do rate and tell me ways to improve this in any way. Thanks :)

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