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August 30, 2011
By erdakos23 SILVER, Oak Lawn, Illinois
erdakos23 SILVER, Oak Lawn, Illinois
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Never let the fear of striking out get you from playing the game. People may say I am one of a kind; I don’t try to be like everyone else. Talking is one of my favorite things to do so working with others comes easy to me. Seeing new faces and making new friends are some things I enjoy most. One thing I learned about life is I am not always going to get what I want when I want it; I realized that when planning to graduate early from high school; I’m going to have to work harder than I thought to make it happen.

To Begin with my cousin Christina is the one person who has affected me and my goals I set. One of my goals is to graduate early and at least be on honor roll doing so. She was always the one to say “don’t just give up that easy, you will get nowhere in life” when I was frustrated and would rather take a zero then finish my work. When my cousin did told me that it made me feel like there is hope and it will be all worth it when I get that good grade. She helped me with school work by giving me different ways to doing it. She would edit my papers that I wrote by giving me different words to use to make my paper sound educated. We would sit in her little room with books everywhere on the floor trying to work on my school work. She would help me do projects by giving me creative ideas she learned in college that she thought would grab the teacher’s attention. Going to school is important to in my life right now because if I don’t have an education I won’t be anything. There are no good paying jobs without going to school and getting a degree in a demanding career. I would be like all the people said told myself I would never be like.

Also when I graduate high school I want to become a nurse. I know a hand full of people who are in the nurse field. My good friend’s mom is a nurse, when I asked her about it she said “I love being a nurse because I love helping people and I can still be home with my family when needed to be. I can choose to work a regular 9 to 5 shift like most people or I can work the night shift which is always nice.” I enjoy helping and taking care of others and that’s what nurses do. When I work I always like to be busy so time goes by faster for me. In hospitals I have been to there are nurses’ running back and forth trying to assist people since there is so many different things going on at once. I always see them going back and forth down the long white hallways checking on their patients. Another reason is when I did service hours for school at the animal shelter I really enjoyed it. I liked helping people look and pick out one of the animals. I also liked taking care of the animals by feeding them and walking them outside to get some fresh air. It made me feel good helping people pick an animal that needed a home instead of sitting in the cages all day and not getting the love they deserve. Nurses in a way do the same thing by helping their patients out when they have questions or help with something. So I would really enjoy being a nurse and helping people out. It also made me feel like I made a difference for both the animal and the people because they both ended up happy. This is important to me because this is what I am planning on doing for the rest of my life and having to do. The medical field is always in demand for many different opportunities that I can see myself enjoying. I want to be able to enjoy going to work every day and not being all depressed about it.

To sum it all up, working hard and never giving up paid off in the end since I am graduating early this December instead of May like the rest of the seniors. I have learned a lot throughout my life so far. I realized that things I want just don’t get handed to me. Working hard is the only way to reach my goals and wants in life. In the end it is worth all the hard work I out into it.

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