My Room

August 29, 2011
By Anonymous

I believe that someone’s room is one of the most revealing things about a person. If I were to take a look, a good insightful look, into someone’s room, I could learn an enormous amount about them. This being because one needs to be proud of their room, but more importantly, the must trust it. Someone’s room is a self-fabricated environment where they need to be able to laugh and cry, sleep and study. It’s the place where they pose in the mirror without feeling narcissistic and where they dance without feeling embarrassed.

As a person walks into my room to try to figure me out, they would most likely be overwhelmed by the insane amount of clutter. Clothes and towels pattern my carpet, books cram themselves into their shelves, and paper litters my desk; In my opinion, that’s me in a nutshell because I am an inherently messy person. My life, I feel sometimes is this same hectic clutter. Very rarely am I doing absolutely nothing, and similarly, my room is almost never clean. ?
As this nameless, random person continues into my room, I think they would find some intrigue among the chaos. As they sit down on my bed they could browse my collection of books from Harry Potter to Logic Puzzles and IQ Tests and from Seabiscuit to The Jungle. The would find Dean Koontz and Lee Child, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Dr. Seuss. I feel like the question would eventually arise, who is this kid?

Next I think this person’s eyes would wander to the wall above my desk. Here hangs a water color print scribed with illegible Italian. Beside that are pictures of friends and teammates. Two trophies stand on a shelf and several medals hang around them. There are two cased baseballs, one with a signature, and above those is an Adam Sandler autograph. I think at this point it would become clear to the person that I hold both friends and sports very dear to me, that I very much take pride in the athletics I have been involved in. I think that they would conclude that I very much love doing nearly everything I do.

Among other things in my room, the person would notice a water polo ball, volleyball, surfboard and a hammock. Somewhere among the untidiness they would spot board shorts, a speedo, and flip flops and they would realize that I am very much a Southern Californian.

I think that this person would leave my room impressed. I think they would like what they found, but I think they would encourage me to let more people into my room. Certainly I am impressed, but also uncertain. As I sit on my bed and look around, I realize I am very much trying to figure myself out too.

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