August 28, 2011
By Anonymous

There is something about bright lights that people dream about, at some point everyone has dreamed about being an actor, singer, or athlete and being drowned my light. I was no exception and it was finally my time. Standing proudly on the field with my team, the crowd yelling, I had made it after all the times wanting to give up, thinking I was just not good enough.

There was a time when I almost decided not to join the soccer team, I thought to myself, “Why should I? These girls have played their whole lives; I have only played for two years.” Against my better judgment I decided to try out knowing I would most likely regret it if I did not. Tryouts were the hardest thing I have ever been through but I stuck it out, something inside of me would not let me quit. I went to check the list and saw my name with junior varsity, I could not believe it, I had beat out the girls who I had always believed were so much better than me and I was one step closer to my dream.

My sophomore year I did not have to question myself, I knew I could at least make JV again though I wanted so bad to be on varsity. I pushed myself harder than I ever had before I knew I did not have the talent the others had but I had the heart that they failed to possess. That heart was broken when I learned I had failed, and I was again on JV. At that point I decided not to be upset but to continue working, I knew I could still get called up to varsity, there was still hope. During the season a broken collarbone shot down this hope, ending my season.

After the injury I began to believe fate just did not want me to play, it just was not meant to be. It took a lot for me to tryout again, I could not be let down again but I knew I would regret the decision not to tryout forever, so I did. I suffered through hours of tryouts in the blistering August heat, my muscles reduced to nothing but jelly. I had scratched and clawed, done everything in my power to make this team, there was no way I could be defeated again.

I was not. My time had come; no girl was going to beat me, no injury going to stop me. I got the jersey and my time under the lights with the crowd cheering my name. People are always told that nothing is impossible, it is hard to really grasp the idea but once you are able to experience it, it stays with you forever.

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