One in a Million

August 12, 2011
I remember that day – it was 2001 the year when the terrorist flew the planes into the twin towers – I can see the view clearly through my fifth grade class room windows, mean while my elementary teachers were talking about their degrees in college. Well of course, I don’t have the sightless clue about colleges, how it’s like, the work process, and even how to get into its superlative rank. But, I do know one thing. Colleges, as I heard of them, are till years always and colleges, as I consider them, are adult’s work – no room for ten years old like me.

My attention, and those of my classmate, was more focused on the 2001 plane crash than on my teachers. Few hours these people were still in bed and getting ready for work, the next thing they’re attacked by terrorist. The thought, that human doesn’t live long, gave me uneasy and skeptical meaning towards life; the fact that people comes and goes, got me thinking about the cognition of the human mind. It’s like one day, a perfect day, everything is going great , you got A’s on your exams, your girlfriend decided to go out with you, you graduated from a top university, and the list goes on. But what happen if (the word If is a powerful words, which can be used for analytical thinking and taking consideration between other alternatives) things don’t go as one anticipated? This is a question not many wish to bring about.

I read an article about varieties of disorder such as Alzheimer, a disease which one’s brain sizes deteriorates over time – eventually losing one’s identity. The thought of it sends chills down my body; as if you’re taking a shower and suddenly someone turn off the warm water. Yet this is not all, there are still other brain disease which can engender devastating results towards one’s abilities to progress in universities, as well as the world. You see, the way I think is different and is far from being rational to others. I believe genes play no part in one’s intelligent, despite brain disorders, and ethnics plays no role in some one’s true individuality. Even though my beliefs may seem irrational to some people, and it will be irrational if nothing is implemented to help those in need for remedy. I have always feared of becoming oblivious, I even started to drink grade juice, eat blue berries, exercise, and study every day excessively.

One day, one of my colleges planning organizing (CPC – Chinese-American planning council) hosted an AID Walk across NYC Manhattan Bride. The aim of this walk is to educate people; inform them to say “No” to Pressured Intercourse, how HIV/AID spread, the possibilities to avoid HIV/AID, and how to diagnose symptoms or where to call for mediate help. At first I was tentative of going; but I was told we’ll get prizes at the end of the event, so I decided to give it a try.

The day was extravagantly humid, around 92 degrees Fahrenheit, and there were a lot of other participants, which made it even more humid. We were separated by groups. I was grouped with two other participants; a young girls and a young boy, both around my age, and an elderly woman. We walked for quite a while, and the woman told us all sort of different stories back in her days, which range from politics, her family life, her achievements, her regrets, and the changes of the world as she saw them. Not only do her achievements motivate me, but her regrets helped me to understand my selves with integrity. All her stories seem realistic and inspiring, and she knows a deal about the world. So I have this temptation of asking her “What makes you join this AID Walk?” She told me, that she has a son whom has AID, and she has been in the AID Walk organization for couples of years now; she also said: “she can’t barely think, how the families would respond if their son or daughter has AID, and she wanted to education other, so they can have the knowledge necessary to prevent these Adverse Epidemics”. This is why the world, as I see it, have a lot to share, and the people , have a lot to give, I met in my journey will all help enhance my goal.

Right now, you might be thinking “How can I contribute to your university?” Well you see, I’m not one of those students whom aspire only toward personal ambition, but I, on the other hand, instead aspire in something not many can even imagine. Which will corroborate with my next question; the sole question, for my entire life, is “How to live a triumphant and self-indulging life?” This question always thrive me to work harder, grasps into the endless void and hope that someday I’ll find the answer – the answer of the ,my mind, human mind. Now, please don’t get me wrong. I’m totally obliged in aspiring toward Psychology, right now my career path is still unclear and subtle. But, I’ll find definitely find something worthwhile to settle in.

I have heard varieties of ways to ameliorate one’s mentality and ways to alter one’s life for the better. And one way to eradicate the chain of genetic disorder is to use the process “Designer babies”. The process of “Designer babies”, technically take some else genes and modify that gene and implant any desired features; physical, and metal mechanisms, such as blue eyes, dark hair, height modification, so on and so forth. This procedure is extremely difficult to master; there is possible room for high percentage rate of failure. Not only does this motivate me, but it also help motivate me to obtain such acme position, which I can help find cures.

Over the years, I didn’t look at others and judge them on their first appearance, speech mechanism, and the way they think, but on how they respond to certain situations. The real art of human capacities lies within their mind, the way one thinks, the way one tackles certain problems, and the way one’s obligation differ from others. This is why I’m perfect for your school; in fact I can contribute plenty of different qualities, which only I (David) can contribute. This is what sets me apart from other candidates.

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Achillean98 said...
Aug. 23, 2011 at 1:36 am
Also remember to write daily, in order to improve one's writing skills. In addition, try to learn new vocabularies by reading classic novels. For whatever words you come across, try jointing them down on a index card; which you can easily use it as a book mark.
mothlady said...
Aug. 21, 2011 at 9:28 pm
This essay needs a serious spell and grammar check.
Achillean98 replied...
Aug. 22, 2011 at 2:54 pm
Really? Where are the errors? Mind you point it out? Maybe if you know how to use modifers correct, then I beg to defer. Modifiers are meant to add additional information without making the sentences too subtle nor to hackney. (E.x). It was a great day, and I went to the beach. With modifier: I was a great day, about 90 degree ferinheight, and I went to the beach.
Achillean98 replied...
Aug. 22, 2011 at 2:57 pm
Anyways, this essay got me in to college so.... :D
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