August 5, 2011
By Anonymous

I have lived a simple life. My family is normal in its own weird way, and I grew up with the love and support that any kid could ask for. However, this has made my life seem too simple for some, and I have spent most of my life being underestimated by those who make assumptions based on just a few seconds of a first impression. For most of my life, those who did not care to get to know me had assumed me to be an ordinary, sometimes even less than ordinary, girl.

This has never been true.

Sure, everyone with an ounce of an ego knows that they have great qualities. I had always known that I was an intelligent child, and everyone around me knew that I was the most compassionate kid on the block. But I was also a clumsy, forgetful child. At an early age, I had gained the nickname of ‘Space Cadet’ because people around me thought that I was unintelligent and would grow up never to become anything. I decided to prove these people wrong, and I had built my life on the foundation of striving to overcome these assumptions.

I do believe that trying to prevail over the beliefs of others has made me a better person today. It has made me a person who holds qualities such as persistence, hard work, and ethical values above everything else, and it has taught me not to value the opinions of others above my own thoughts. I have learned to use my assets to my advantage, and I have pushed myself further than I ever thought I could go. I know that I am nowhere near the end of my journey, but every step brings me closer to the personal accomplishments I have been working towards.

Throughout this time I have grown in intelligence and wisdom, my personal beliefs have been strengthened, and I have gained a sense of self-worth that has made it possible to give up on trying to fulfill the dreams others have for me. I no longer feel a need to surpass the obstacles set for me by others, and though I cannot say that I no longer care what the world thinks of me, I care more today about how I see myself and the challenge to prove to myself how great my tomorrow can be.

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