If you could change one thing what would it be?

May 26, 2011
By thatvegangirl BRONZE, Scarborough, Maine
thatvegangirl BRONZE, Scarborough, Maine
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Whether or not he is favored by audiences at home for his supposed intellectual remarks, or hollered at by disagreeing fans, we all know the bald-headed, mustache sporting, flamboyant tie wearing, therapist; Dr. Phil. The middle aged Texan is by no doubt a millionaire for his crazy guest stars and his unmistakable corny analogies, but how much does he really help people, and what does this say about present day society?

With a mother that dedicates afternoons after work to watch the talk show in which he interviews people from across the country, ranging from problems as minimal as unhappiness with hairstyles to multi-affair relationships breaking up marriages, it is hard to not notice his insight. Realistically yes, he is a qualified mental health professional, however, so are thousands of others but they do not host a TV show weekdays at five o’clock, nor are they known country wide. For such a highly paid individual he should possess a talent that others do not, logically, or why else would he be on television or make so much money?

The truth is, American society is corrupt. Its citizens are willing to pay upwards of hundreds of dollars for a ticket to watch a football game, or travel cross country to watch a sitcom live in the audience. Guests on shows like Dr. Phil undermine the integrity of mental health counseling. In reality, the purpose of therapy is to express one’s personal dilemmas’ and work constructively on them throughout an extended period of time to be determined by the participant. Dr. Phil and his methods demonstrate the exact problem with the nations financial difficulties, as well as moral issues. When guests go on Phil’s show, they are publicly sharing their deepest problems, obviously inefficiently too, because the session lasts a mere hour. The fact that others are willing to watch illustrates that the country has lost its sense of self perseverance and dignity.

It is because of individual dependency on others unfortunate events that society has such a negative influence, and why problems are never fixed they are just broadcasted out and duplicated by future generations. This never ending chain of events is how America entered into the state it is now in , a superficial entity. If I had the power to change one thing about society it would be the way people feel entitled to everything. They do not have the right to carry out their every whim, but because of shows like Dr. Phil, things like drug addiction and domestic abuse seem more trivial and acceptable. The people of America have lost their sense of personal pride, and seem to feel that all others should know about their innermost actions. Society needs to reshape itself into something to be proud of again, and maybe that means targeting its own heart, citizen greed.

The author's comments:
Just a rough draft, I know there are a lot of run ons. Work in progress, just wanted to see if anyone had opinions? Opinions on the writing, not the topic preferably.

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