Drugs and Alcohol

May 23, 2011
By , Argyle, TX
In many of today’s modern high schools, teenagers have become more and more exposed to the use of drugs and alcohol. Statistics show nearly one third of all high school students reported hazardous drinking. Nearly 6,500 teenagers try marijuana, cocaine, or heroin, each day! The effects of these illegal substances are harmful to a teenager’s body and have life-long effects.

Not only are drugs and alcohol harmful to one’s body, they also hinder to one’s ability to perform well in school. Reports show increased behavioral issues and academic problems for teens that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. As drugs have become more prevalent in school, the dropout rate for teenagers has gone up. By the time these teens are young adults they are prone to employment issues and violent behavior. They put the lives of others around them in harms way. The majority of teenage car wrecks involving a death, is alcohol related. When a young adult decides to drink alcohol or take drugs, they are making an irresponsible and destructive decision. They are preventing themselves from achieving their dreams and accomplishing great heights. In my time in high school I have seen many people throw a good education away for the mere pleasure that drugs give them. It puzzles me how a person could be so worry free and not even think about the effects that it will have on them in the future.

Although some believe that drug use will just continue to increase as time continues, I believe differently. I believe that if we reach out to those who are doing drugs and alcohol, that we can impact their lives and motivate them to teach the upcoming generation about the seriousness of illegal drugs. In doing this we can better the lives of our children and the many generations that are to come.

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