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May 18, 2011
By malloryp BRONZE, Ridgefield, Connecticut
malloryp BRONZE, Ridgefield, Connecticut
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My mom, a very busy woman, always finds the time to organize charity events for the troops. Although time consuming and stressful, she always gathers materials to make these care-packages for the soldiers in Iraq. Also, she would always try to make me go to these charity events at my local recreation center, although it was completely against my wishes. I was uninterested and unwilling to spend hours packing and taping boxes together, especially when I could be hanging out with my friends. I tried as hard as I could to get out of the event but my mom was persistent and forced me to go. Expecting to have a bad time, I arrived with a bad attitude. However, upon arrival, I was overwhelmed by the happy, positive atmosphere created by the other volunteers. Once we had met, I suddenly became excited to work with them. They were so proud of what they were doing and I couldn’t blame them. I finally realized how my mom felt when she created the packages and I was eager to start making them myself.
My mom saw that these soldiers give up so much, while receiving little in return. They give up their lives to let us live the perfect lives we take for granted every day. Most of them even have to go for days without showering, while people here reluctantly bathe and don’t appreciate the fact that they have the opportunity to do so. They also sleep on the open ground with the possibility of air rifle attacks, while we complain about a bug flying in our warm bedrooms. And on top of all that, the soldiers are thousands of miles away from home risking their lives for people they don’t even know. My mom helped me to realize how important these soldiers really are and how important it is for us to help them in return.
After spending a couple hours with my mom and other volunteers, I felt accomplished as an American. It’s our duty to help others, especially those who do so much themselves. Although the work was tedious, as expected, I felt great doing it. I packed away supplies into the boxes that I had thought were necessities, but soon realized were not. I couldn’t help but think it must be so hard living without them, and the soldiers usually have to. It was so upsetting to think about that, especially because it really made me look back at my own life. I have a great family, we live in a nice house, and I have such wonderful friends. So, to say the least, I live a charmed life. But after going with my mom to the soldier event, I broke out of the ignorant shell I had been living in for nearly fourteen years. Without my mom there to show me what should be important in my life, I never would have had that drastic realization within myself.
Within two years I went from a bored fourteen year old girl, to a helpful, caring sixteen year old. Since that day, my mom has helped me to assemble my own charity events for multiple different organizations, including a local homeless shelter. Many times I even received letters of thanks from those we donated to. They were so grateful for the donations, which made me feel so special, needed, and important. That feeling can’t be put into words but it is exactly why I will continue to do such work. Whether it is for the troops, the homeless or any other charity, I have a strong desire to volunteer: all because of my mom.

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This is my potential college essay. It is only my first draft so I am obviously not done with it, I am just unsure how to fix it. Any recommendations would be fantastic, I could use all of the help I could get!

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