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The Dumbest Generation Response

April 1, 2011
By Hailey344434 BRONZE, Missoula, Montana
Hailey344434 BRONZE, Missoula, Montana
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Mark Bauerlein says we are the dumbest generation, and he has many things to make it seem like we are, however most people disagree with him, especially our generation. He says were the dumbest generation because of all the technology that’s in our lives. He also says that we were born with less intelligence than older generations like our parents and grandparents.
Mark Bauerlein says we’re the dumbest generation because we test a lot lower than other generations. Scoring low on tests doesn’t mean were dumb, it’s because we aren’t interested in testing and don’t try on the tests. If kids and teens actually put full effort into the school testing I’m sure we would score a lot higher than older generations, but nobody sees that except for us because they don’t understand. Testing isn’t a big deal and we shouldn’t be judged on being interested in the testing that schools expect us to try our best on. Electronics are bad for peoples health at high usages, there are kids and teens everywhere being thrown into rehab facilities for their horrible electronic dependencies, these dependencies are mostly in Korea and China and those places where they are taught to use electronics and computers in school at a very young age. Some parents of these children worry about the health and well being of their child and want to get them special help so they can live their lives without constantly playing video games or being online (digital nation).
On average we spend less then 10 minutes reading and when we read it’s usually a magazine or some internet site. This is because we don’t have the same types of resources as we used to. For example, years ago students had to use the library and study out of a book to do homework and other projects, but now we just hop on the computer and look it up on google. Our literacy is declining at a drastic rate and people say it needs to be stopped. Just because we don’t read at a high level doesn’t make us dumb and doesn’t mean were the dumbest generation. It means we don’t have the same practices as the past because things are evolving and changing drastically. Every day there are really smart people building computers, and we have a lot more technology now then we used to because of the smart people in our generation. Not because of the dumb people in our generation. It takes geniuses to program the software for computers and to build computers. If we were the dumbest generation we would not have access to these types of things.
Our schooling systems are not as good as they used to be either, but it’s not our generations fault that teachers aren’t doing a good job teaching and can’t control us. The teachers and other generations expect us to be just like they are, but all people and generations are different and it would be ridiculous to say that we’re dumb just because teachers suck at teaching sometimes. They expect us to use computers in our daily life in homework and then criticize us using technology. Not cool.
Those are my reasons for why we aren’t the dumbest generation, because we have strong intellectual abilities and the generation ahead of us is dumber than we are for expecting us to be super smart when we don’t even get taught the things the older generations were taught like how to use the public library and search things out of books and such.


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