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March 7, 2011
By halle3456 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
halle3456 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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In the world of business there are people who lie and people who tell the truth. They lie to make a story more interesting to the reader and people who write the truth even though they know some people will find it boring.They don’t want to write lies about people even if the story is really boring to people. In “the story of the three little pigs” this applies to it. The wolf was framed by the press and the pigs.

The wolf was making a birthday for his dearest grandma but he ran out of sugar and had a very bad sneeze and went to his ask his neighbour for a cup of sugar and his neighbour was a pig. The pig was very mean to the wolf and the wolf didn’t mean to hurt the pig or his house.

The wolf was only asked for a cup of sugar for a cake he was making for his dear old granny. There was also a witness of the crime it was granny hood who had encountered the wolf before this time. She saw everything the eating to the blowing of the house and everything. She told the press of what she saw and was in the paper for it and was afraid she would be next.

The wolf didn’t have intentions to eat anyone but he didn’t want to waste a perfectly good pig go to waste so he admits he ate him. He only wanted some sugar and didn’t want anyone to get hurt and killed so he had to cover up his tracks. He didn’t want to be put in jail either so he just eat them up.

The wolf was framed by the press and the media because they wanted make the story more interesting to the readers. If someone ask you for a cup of sugar be nice and give them some or there will be consequences that could be deadly.

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