the day my life was changed for ever

March 7, 2011
By halle3456 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
halle3456 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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When I was a 7 years old my life was flipped around. My father had a massive brain tumor the size a softball and he was not the same after that he was treated me and my mom awfully .My mom is the strongest woman i know because she took care of a 3 year old baby and a 47 year old man who was throwing up every 2 seconds. When i was 7 my dad promised to take me to the movies after church and when we got home it was a half hour later and I asked him what time we were going to the movies and he said “I never promised to take you to a movie and you can’t make me take her.” My mom told me to go to the playroom and I went to the stairs and i heard a lot of fighting going on between them and I heard a hand hitting skin. I looked and saw my father with a hand print on his left check. He said he was going to go golfing. 20 minutes later after he left 2 cops came and my aunt came over and they were arresting my mom for slapping my dad. I was looking around the balcony. My mom told me to go to my room and 10 minutes later I went downstairs and grabbed my moms waist and started to cry.

My mom asked the cop to escort me to my room.He did and shut the door and when I heard those 3 dreadful words. Your under arrest. I knew what was going on. I ran downstairs and saw my mom being taken at of our home in handcuffs and I ran to the garage and saw my father sitting in a lawn chair and eating popcorn and laughing. I was so furious at him i went over to him knocked the popcorn right out of this hands and ran to my next door to my best friends house and just cried. He came over grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to our house and I ran to my room and looked the door and didn’t come out till my mom came home on Monday. She missed 4th of July and i spent at my friends house and when my father came to get me her parents stood up for me and said I should spend the weekend with them. I did and my parents divorced and I was happy not to be abused by him ever again.

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i was beeten

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