Three Wholesome Wishes

January 28, 2011
By Brookeeileen SILVER, Traverse City, Michigan
Brookeeileen SILVER, Traverse City, Michigan
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"Keep your head held high gorgeous, they'd hate to see you fall."

If I were to be lucky enough to be granted three wishes before I die I would ask for: Everlasting peace between countries, cities , states, and tribes of the world. I would also ask for the world to remember me as me. Not of who I became. My last wish would be to have just one day with all my family, all my cousins, all my distant family, even ones who have died. Just one day with everyone I am related to.

I would like everlasting peace because right now the world is full of people full of anger and hatred to one another and for once I would like it to stop. Stop and just have everyone tell each other they love their neighbors. But who am I kidding? I know the world won’t go around without likes and dislikes to one another. So why should I be complaining?

I would like the world to remember me as me, because throughout the years of my life I have regretted so many things. But who hasn’t? I know/known so many people I just want them to remember the best in me, to see my true colors. To see behind that Titanic loving girl, I am known to be. I just want them to see me, not just the outside shell of me most people see.

My last wish is my favorite because I have always wanted to be just with my family. Just together, even those who have passed before I was born. I just want to see everyone and I want them to see me. I just want to hug everyone who has made me, me. I was thinking one night and I realized that my family has made me the person I am today. On the inside and the out. Who hasn’t wanted to see everyone who is behind them? I know for a fact I do. Even if I died the next day I would still want one day 24 hours with everyone I love, even if I know them or not. I just want to hug everyone. Some family members who have passed long before I was born, I would like to just see them and hug them. But most importantly I just want to tell them I love them.

These without a doubt are what I want my three wishes to be. If I were granted three wishes I would ask for these three. Only because I know my heart and soul are in these wishes. Some may say these are impossible but they are only wishes. Aren't they?

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on Jan. 31 2016 at 7:43 pm
So... you just want to meet all of your family member to hug them? are there any other specific reasons why you want to meet them? Like... something your thankful for them.


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