For Her

January 17, 2011
A nice ring, to show that I love her…an open bar, so we can have a good time. A honeymoon, so we can relax and be together. All of this for her. And my name…well, my name is broke.

I know what I want in life. I guess everyone does. But how do I get it? It’s not like everything I want and need is just going to rain from the clouds—I sure as hell wish that could happen. But it can’t. I’ll find a way though…for her.

I’m not an idiot, so I know I have to go to college for four years and earn a degree, then find a job that I can start out with, then take another three maybe four years to save for it all. SO MUCH TIME! Well…it’s all for her.

I’m hard-working, determined, and I’m as lucky as a four leaf clover. I’m told that I’m lucky for finding her at such a young age. I mean, it’s hard to find the ONE person you are willing to spend the rest of your life with. And that’s why I’m lucky…right? Well, I see it differently. I found the most beautiful flower in a field of weeds, the ONE person in the entire world that I would spend the rest of my life with and hey! I’m ready to. She is ready to. But we can’t. We are blocked by a wall—a wall called age, and that makes us unlucky. But I wait…for her.

We talk before going to bed about how it will be better after one more year. One more year of going to separate schools. One more year of not being able to see each other every day. One more miserable year. When she hangs up I can still here her. My pillow whispers her voice into my ear as I try to get her out of my head, and it motivates me to give her the best, give her everything she has ever wanted and ever needed. I have to do it…for her.

A nice ring…to show I love her. An open bar so we can have a good time, a nice honeymoon so we can relax and be together. All for her. It’s everything WE want. But she is all that I want. And all of this…everything I do is for her…all for her.

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