I'm not Driving Ms. Daisy

January 17, 2011
By Anonymous

I’m driving around the corner, skidding the turn at 90 miles per hour, not braking, flying off a cliff to reach the finish line…real driving sucks. But N64 is the greatest game system. Mario Kart is the best game. And I’m pro.

If you live like you drive (in N64), I am a high speed, thrill-seeking, never slowing person. I tear up each course, and I always win. Ripping around the corners, I have to react fast to what’s around the corner, whether it’s a banana attempting to make me lose, or an essay due the next day. Either way, I do what needs to be done. I take on all the shells you can throw and overcome obstacles left and right. Weaving through life at a pace that would give others headaches, I love the challenge.

Growing up all I had was an N64…and I was unbeatable. My sisters never wanted to play with me, because I always won. It wasn’t until high-school when I met a worthy challenger. Val (my oldest sister) had met her boyfriend Pat in college. The first time I talked to him he said, “I’m going to teach you what it feels like to lose.” From that point, it was game on.
With Pat, I lost more often than not, but a few times I would give a blow to his ego. Now it’s a reoccurring tradition. When Pat comes to the little town of Hartland, there is no love, only war. We both play to win, and always will.
In my life—when I’m playing Mario Kart, going to school, helping friends or working—I live like I play. Fast paced, with reflexes so fast a ninja would be jealous. I play and work to win, and am too stubborn to admit defeat. Ultimately, I still fly off the cliff heading towards that finish line.

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