Path of Success

January 17, 2011
By , Sussex, WI
Typical summers include football practice, lemonade stands, and high temperatures; although, this was no typical summer. Temperatures fell below thirty degrees, icy ledges surrounded me, and a dangerous mixture of snow and rain pelted my face. I found myself atop the highest point in all of Europe, the peak of the Alps. My brother and I ventured on a month-long trip to Germany where we spent most of our time visiting relatives and learning about our family’s culture. Finally the last week, we got the chance to climb the Alps. We awoke at six in the morning to catch the early train and travel up through the mountain. As I reflect on it now, I realize how this trip relates to my preparation for college. The train compares to high school, which carries me most of the way; then when I graduate, I have to be ready. Full of anticipation, I was able to make the rest of the climb on foot. Despite the bridges to cross, ladders to climb, and icy pathways to be diverted, I managed to unveil a feeling of accomplishment I would never forget. Similar to the preparation taken for the climb, applying to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater was no accident. The choice took months of researching, visiting, and comparing schools, to discover your university gives me the best chance to recapture that feeling of accomplishment I found at the peak of the Alps. You will find if I am accepted, I will not be one of those students who drop out after first semester. Being the third oldest of four brothers in my family and a captain on my high school football team, I know I am a leader. The question is not of whether I can succeed, but rather how far I can expand my horizons. You are the next step in my path to success; I look forward to your letter of acceptance.

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