My Dad, My Hero

January 17, 2011
By Madie Berg BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Madie Berg BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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“Get a bucket of water,” my dad shouted.
I didn’t budge.
“Madie, I need your help. Go get help and a bucket of water.”

I heard him, but didn’t move; I was processing and thinking about the previous event, unsure of how to react…should I laugh? Should I cry? Should I start moving and do what my dad had commanded? I finally snapped out of this frozen state and ran into the house, yelled for my mom, and grabbed a bucket.

The fire was spreading, and the chaos continued…finally, the fire was out. All it took was one firework and our neighbor’s lawn for me to realize my dad is my hero.

I strive to be exactly like my dad: his wit, his intelligence, and his willingness to help others. His dedication to the work he does and the family he loves is admirable in every sense of the word. My dad is strong and stubborn, outspoken and enthusiastic. He never falters from who he is and who he strives to be.
During my life, my dad has pushed me to be the best person I can, to take responsibility for the things I do, and to love whole heartedly. He has taught me the backbone to success includes knowledge, positive thinking and God. My dad is the quintessential role model, combining old traditions with new values, never wavering from his definition of life and what it has to offer. My dad. My hero.
My dad started the fire. The firework went outwards instead of upwards. My neighbor’s front lawn was charred. Did any of that really matter? Not to me. All that mattered was that my dad owned up to what he did, and taught me morals that my faith encourage.
My dad apologized for his mistake and he made it right. He offered to water and care for the lawn daily. And he did. The lawn grew back thicker and lusher. Because of this I have become a spiritually strong individual, and someone who is more confident in the morals that I’ve been taught. Like my neighbor’s lawn, I too have grown into a deeper and brighter person because of my dad.

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