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January 17, 2011
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Beep, Beep, Beep. Ugh stupid alarm. I wake up and my room is black and silent. All I want to do is pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep. The breeze prevents me from getting out of bed. Then I think to myself, I’m going fishing. Yes. Sprinting around my room to find some warm clothes, I dress in layers for when the sun comes up. Out of my room, to the kitchen, I tip toe as my mother is still sound asleep. I grab the food I prepared the night before. I made sure to pack some Ginger Snaps in case someone gets sick. Once everything and everyone is packed up in the car the adventure begins.

No cars on the road, it seems as if you shouldn’t be out at 4:00 a.m. Pit stop. Everyone out. It’s my turn to treat to coffee.

After a lengthy car ride we arrive at Port Washington. Captain Bill has the boat all ready to go for us. As we board “The Office” the engines are starting. My heart is rumbling. As we are leaving the dock I’m called up top to cover the most important job?I am now the captain. Steer right, Steer left. My duty is to not tangle the lines. When you have 12 lines trailing behind the boat that means you have to pay attention at all times, while doing so you can’t hit any boats in front of you. (Captain Bill says “you can only hit the other boats if they are white so it doesn’t leave a mark.”)

Now we wait.

FISH ON, FISH ON. My brother grabs the rod. I grab the book to record all of the information like the type of lure, and the water depth the fish was at.
“Oh no, I think I lost it,” says Alex.
He isn’t very gentle. But I love my brother.
Now we wait.

FISH ON, FISH ON. It’s my turn. I grab the rod and start cranking. Nice and easy keeping the rod tip up.
It just keeps taking out line and I’m thinking, who is going to win this fight? The fish or me? It’s getting worn out. Closer, closer, closer. Finally it’s in the net. I hold the king salmon up to take a picture and then it’s time to weigh it. 15lbs. That is pretty big for a king salmon. It is getting late in the afternoon and my stomach is growling, so we pack up and head for land.

Now that we all have our land legs back it is time to clean the fish. My name may mean princess but I defiantly am not. I jump right in the action and clean my fish.
Captain Bill says, “Great job today Kailey.”

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