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January 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Twelve beds. Four gray walls. One musty ceiling. The room was depressing, to say the least.
But by the end of the second day, the room was freshly coated with pale yellow walls and a white ceiling. As we left, I heard the twelve men staying in the room say “thank you, it looks great”.
It was the first week of summer. My church group and I were on a mission trip in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Painting a room in the Salvation Army was our first task. Knowing my time, hard work, and dedication made an impact, made me feel accomplished and eager for the rest of the week.
The fourth night of the trip was the highlight of my week. Three of my friends and I decided to spend our free time at the park across the street. When we got to the park, we didn’t know what to do. All of us were fifteen and none of us remembered the last time we’d played on a playground. Being at the park, watching the little kids laughing and having fun, gave me an idea: Duck, Duck, Goose.
The game started out with my friends Kali, A.J., Lee, and me asking a little girl if her, her brother and sister wanted to play Duck, Duck, Goose with us. She timidly said, “yes” and the game began.
As the game progressed, more and more kids joined. By the end of the game, there were twenty of us laughing, running around, and playing Duck, Duck, Goose. Even though the kids and I were strangers from different backgrounds, we were able to have fun because of my ability to welcome, harmonize, and coalesce with others.
That week was not only an opportunity for me to reach out to others, but also an opportunity for others to reach out to me. Whether I’m painting walls, playing Duck, Duck, Goose, or volunteering at the Salvation Army, my presence is one of compassion, dedication, and generosity.

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