Fire Is My Element

January 11, 2011
By Berg38 BRONZE, Scotts Valley, California
Berg38 BRONZE, Scotts Valley, California
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I found my passion Freshman year when I joined the football team. Football is the only team sport I play, and it has taught me some of the most valuable life lessons I have learned. To be a successful football player, one must dedicate his mind, body, and soul to the game, for his team. Through the thick and thin. From six a.m. Winter morning workouts through double days and into the season, as a player you need to show unconditional commitment. Determination drove me to commit. Aspiring to reach my goals and achieve my dreams. Fire is my element, my essence.

From the very beginning of my Football career, I have been nothing short of relentless. I always took pride in the way I approached the game. Year round I trained religiously, with determination as my fuel. As I trained, I was able to keep myself motivated with my willpower and my desire to succeed. I could not let myself down. And while I had my sights set on my goals, I was invincible. Or so I thought.

Halfway through my junior season, I separated my left shoulder in a game against our cross town rival school, Soquel. After all my efforts, my first varsity season was cut short. I was devastated. The doctors told me to give it four to six weeks of physical therapy and that I should be alright. They told me I’m young and my body should heal quickly. Winter break came and went, and I wasn’t getting better. I returned to the doctors and they concluded that it wasn’t going to heal and proposed a surgical fix. My doctor stressed that it was a simple procedure, and that the recovery would take six to eight weeks. I told the doctor to schedule an appointment for me as soon as possible.

The procedure was scheduled for early February, but when that time came I fell incredibly ill and was forced to push that date to April. This was yet another disappointing setback in my athletic career. All this time had passed and I remained crippled and unable to train for my Senior season. When my big day came, I wasn’t the slightest bit nervous for the operation. I was excited that I was going to get fixed. I missed doing what I love, and I was determined to get healthy and back at it.
On the day of my operation. People asked if I was scared, I was quick to come back with “No, not at all. It’s going to be the best day of my life.” In my head, the day marked a turning point in my life. The next chapter, the road to recovery. Little did I know just how difficult it was going to be.

The week following my surgery was Spring Break. It was the longest, loneliest week of my life. Soon after I began rehabilitation, my first task was to regain my range of motion. After a few months, I regained most motion, but I was still in chronic pain. School ended for the Summer and football workouts had begun. I trained around my injury. I was going to get myself ready to play ball. Slowly, but surely I was going to make my comeback.

When padded practices began, somehow my shoulder still wasn’t right. Practically everyday I was faced with the question “Are you going to be able to play this year?” followed by a “When?”. For the first time, I doubted myself. But still, I showed up to practice everyday and continued my commitment. Before I knew it, Summer had ended and the season was underway. I still wasn‘t healthy. For the first few games, I watched from the sideline with a gleam in my eye. It was mentally draining, knowing how hard I’d worked, knowing that I wanted it more than anyone. Yet I couldn’t have it. Not yet.

Halfway through my Senior season I was playing again. I completed my rehab, got a few cortisone injections, a doctors clearance and boom! I was back on the field after over a year. I felt like a new man. Despite all the setbacks, and what people had told me, I had overcome all odds. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through. Looking back at my experience, It is obvious that I have matured a lot from it., and I have come to reason with what happened to me and why. My injury and the road to recovery was an emotional roller coaster. This journey helped me build emotional strength. I have learned that determination is my key to success. My flame now burns brighter than ever. I now feel that I am able to handle anything life can throw my way.

All it takes is the determination to succeed and the will to try hard.

The author's comments:
I knew exactly what I wanted to write my college essay about, and thankfully the UC prompt allowed me to do so. I started writing and found myself re-living the powerful emotions I went through in my journey. After all the ups and downs, I came out on top.

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Senator15 said...
on Jan. 18 2011 at 4:55 pm
Wow!! This paper is soo good.  Your story is truly inspirational. You have the right idea/attitude!

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