January 11, 2011
By Anonymous

Expectations. Parents have them of their children. Teachers have them of their students. Students have them of themselves.
I expect to pass all my classes with good grades. I expect to make it all the way to state for U.I.L. Journalism. I expect to read all of Nora Roberts’ books, including the new ones coming out. I expect to write a Best-Selling Romance Novel. I expect to be a journalist for Sports Illustrated. I expect to interview the quarterback of the Champion Super Bowl team, the center for the NBA Champion team, and the goalkeeper of the FIFA Champions. I expect to experience international journalism for a year in Spain. I expect to speak, at least, three foreign languages, especially Spanish, French, and Italian. I expect to get a Ph.D. in Journalism from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. I expect to broadcast the World Cup.
They expect me to be a role model for my younger brother and sister. They expect me to pass my classes. They expect me to go to college. They expect me to be successful in all I do. They expect me to go to many places and see the world. They expect me to live a life full of education and happiness. They expect me to continue to thank the Lord for all He has done.
They expect me to do well in their classes. They expect me to continue with my education. They expect me to apply to all the colleges I would like to attend. They expect me to do remember their influential words of wisdom. They expect me to love a job like they love theirs.
My community expects my culture to influence other Hispanic students to continue with their education. My community expects my culture to make our town known for our minds filled with knowledge just like anyone else. My community expects my culture to come back and teach those the wisdom we gain.
My society expects my country to continue to spread the word of broadcasting and journalism, by staying focused on school priorities before other activities, creating new technology devices for everyone within minutes, continuing to give to those in need, and overcoming our country’s past failures and make more successful discoveries.
Now…my generation expects you to read this essay and understand the difficult challenges we take up and mean to conquer whether they be from ourselves, parents, teachers, community, or society.

The author's comments:
an admission essay that I wrote on a personal issue I have with expectations

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