January 4, 2011
By Sean Baumgartner BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Sean Baumgartner BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Thirty six weeks in a school year. Nine weeks without being able to write. Two injuries to my right shoulder. Playing a varsity sport is intense, and one wrong play takes you out for the season, and much more.
Less than a week before school, second day of practice, I dislocated my right shoulder. All I could think about was no volleyball, until school started. Not being able to write in school for three weeks, and the first three weeks at that. I get notes that cannot be filled out, lessons that I have to memorize, and tests that have to be delayed.
“You can do this Sean!” I not only said this to myself, but hear it from my parents and friends. Three long weeks I kept my grades strong. Months go by and bam, six weeks of no writing. This time a torn right shoulder and arthroscopic surgery. I knew the surgery was coming and worked ahead, being proactive and giving myself as much of a lead as I could before I fall behind yet again.
Letting my teachers write as I tell them answers. Getting class notes and going in to make sure I understand them correctly. I struggle yes, but I am determined to not let it beat me. My grades stay steady and I manage to stay on the honor roll.
Now it is my senior year, I took a full class load and I made the Varsity Volleyball team. Three weeks into the season I tore my shoulder again. Most kids would blow this year off especially if they were going to be missing so much as I am. I plan to take this challenge head on, and do better than ever, not just to keep my grades steady, but to show that I can overcome and grow from something that should slow me down.

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