Sweeten My Sour Days

November 10, 2010
By Anonymous

I’m an everlasting gobstopper. Impossible to crack but the longer you keep me around, the more I open myself up to you. Each layer revealing numerous emotions I express and insecurities I might hide. The challenge is if you’ll take the time to reach past my barrier, despite how difficult that task may be. Some have taken the risky route and tried to rush their way to figure me out, only ending up with bad results. Others just give up during the process and toss me aside. However, one individual had enough patience to figure out the real me.
The memory of meeting her was quite vivid. Sitting in sixth grade English class, I was scribbling notes on my paper when the teacher called on a confused student. She spoke with a distinct accent and asked several questions. Her voice drew me in and after class ended, I told myself I would build up the courage to speak to her. The bell had rung and I nervously walked up, tapping her shoulder. Surprisingly enough, I wasn’t shy at all and immediately sparked up a conversation. “Where are you from?” I asked. To my shock, she was Polish and recently moved to the US. Not being able to hold my excitement, I told her I was also from Poland. That’s how it all came together. Iwona already shared the same ethnicity as me so our beliefs were very much in common. Knowing this, I could be more content around her.
During the few years that flew by, I without doubt believed this girl was my twin. Having the same green eyes, blond hair, Zodiac signs, this was friendship was fate. We often took adventurous bike rides through the neighborhood and snapped thousands of pictures that soon would fill up our memory card. One day, a tall brick wall caught our attention. There wasn’t anything special about it, but it sure had a spectacular view of the city when you sat on top of the edge. Eventually, this became our secret friend zone that we visited often. Many memories were made here so it was decided that we write our names on the wall. “Friends Forever” it read. It was only a matter of time the marker would be washed away by rain but those words were marked permanently in our hearts.
Over time, we hit bumpy roads and have taken the wrong path before like any normal human beings would do. Telephone calls would often be made at two o’clock with one of us crying about a temporary crush, or perhaps a hospital visit would be a shock when one of us got sick. So when I was diagnosed with Crohns disease during high school, both of us didn’t know how to take it all in. This only made Iwona go out and purchase the most gigantic teddy bear you could ever lay your eyes on. She gave me the best advice ever been given to me and with all but one word; Positivity. It will keep you steady especially when life throws a curveball at you.
Green, Yellow, Orange. Over time, several of my layers have disappeared and this was a very rare thing to happen. She has seen me through the ugly and the bad but still dealt with it in the long run. Constant fights about who’s right and bickering over who can do better than the other was typical for us. But when times were rough she helped me overcome so many obstacles I wouldn’t be able to achieve myself. During the time period when I was sick and getting back on my feet, her advice on positivity flashed back into my mind. There was no point in shrugging my shoulders and giving up on everything. I told myself to build a tougher exterior and bring more happiness into my life.
My best friend believes in what I’m capable of which is the main reason why she’s still by my side after eight years. Being patient and taking her time, Iwona knows more about me than I do myself at times. She’s experienced every emotion I’ve given off and what my failures are yet has forgiven me for them. She’s seen all my layers unlike many people I’ve met. Most people may not realize that sometimes you must get past the red layer to experience the yellow one. You must see me frustrated first before you see me being loud, and funny. It’s only fair that people see your bad side before they see the good one. Judgment could be keeping many others from meeting a genuine person. Don’t rush to reach the center of an everlasting gobstopper because once you make it to the core with patience, you’ll realize it was well worth the wait.

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