November 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Who is the luckiest person you know? Many people consider luck as a gift, you either have it or you don’t. For me luck is a part of who I am. In some ways it has defined me. It has taught me valuable life lessons that have shaped my beliefs. Through experience I have learned that you cannot always rely on fate and that it is simply a blessing. When I ask people who is the luckiest person they know they always respond, “You”.

I never considered myself lucky until one night when I bought my first scratch ticket and won a thousand dollars. This was probably the most memorable moment of my life. I became incredibly overwhelmed with excitement and felt invincible. All those feelings ended on my way home when I was hit by a drunk driver. I never thought that misfortune would strike me in that way, especially after winning a thousand dollars. Luck has proven to me that I should appreciate everything that is given to me and I shouldn’t take anything for granted.

Luck comes in all forms. I may have been hit by a drunk driver but luckily I was unharmed. This frightening incident has shown me the power of luck and how if you are not thankful what you are given can be taken away in a flash. It has also taught me that being considered lucky does not always involve money. I now appreciate life’s virtue. I am thankful to have a family and to be given opportunities. My outlook on people has changed significantly. I am aware of the misfortune in the world and I want to help and offer everything I can.

I understand that my luck will one day run out and it is not something I should live by, but as of now I am grateful for what I have been given. It may have only taken me a car accident to figure this out, but I truly consider myself lucky to have learned from this.

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