The Cycle

October 19, 2010
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For me, bearing witness to this cycle was some sort of elated amazing. In the course of but a few minutes I observed how quickly old can become new in such a cruel nature. Many would say that, because of my age, I am at a point in my life where things are just beginning, for me however, this is a time of ending. My childhood has been overshadowed by obligations and my high school career is nearly over. It is now up to me, to ensure that my old experiences become recycled, that they are woven into a new beginning. I want to become a person that will be of help to others. Every weathered door that closes, I want a new one of opportunity to open. Eventually, when I get to that point so far in the future that I cling to my place in the earth and refuse to believe my purpose has passed, I can only hope, pray even, to become new once more. That my legacy, experiences, dreams, and ambitions will leave a mark and be of use to others.

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