October 12, 2010
By KWilk BRONZE, Bend, Oregon
KWilk BRONZE, Bend, Oregon
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There are people everywhere. Some are sitting idly while others are rushing to catch their flight. Even more are in line so that they may finally leave the bustling airport and fly away to their next destination. Overhead the intercom consistently blares out announcements. Young children play beneath people's feet as their parents try to keep them in check. Outside the bustle of the terminal, anxious friends, parents, and relatives look to greet their loves ones as those around them search for a lost bag. An airport is a gateway. It is a means of returning home from a long voyage or a way to a greater education in school. Most importantly it is a gate to the unknown and to the exploration of the world. Every which way planes take off from the airport traveling to every corner of the earth. I have often been aboard these numerous planes. Back and forth I travel across the United States for school, ice hockey, and family vacations. Among the hustle and bustle of people traveling across the world I find those that I love and are the most important in my life waiting for me. Today the airport is a gateway to my numerous homes at school and with my family. In the future it will be something different. From the airport I will embark on adventures, living my dreams to travel and see the world. I will leave behind the lines and luggage as I board a plane headed towards the unknown. The airport is my gateway to the world and I will go through it to explore what I have yet to discover.

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