Stepping Up

October 7, 2010
As I sat on one side of the circle, I could feel all the eyes gazing at me. All asked the same question, what are we doing. Just as I was on my first day of freshman year, there I was again two years later, nervous and unsure of what to do. I knew I had to step up and lead so that things could get done. The freshmen were waiting to hear how they, too, could survive their high school experience. They looked at me with knowing looks that told me I knew what to do and that I could answer their questions. By sharing my high school stories, I hoped that I could lead them in the right direction to make good choices. Leadership is an important and unique attribute to possess. Leaders are mentors. Leaders do not expect praise for their deeds. Leaders make things happen. Leaders are necessary.
I show leadership so that there can be one more mentor or role model to admire. I’m involved in Link Crew; it is a leadership program where pairs of junior-senior students act as mentors to freshmen. My first year involved with Link Crew, I led a group of freshmen that were very outgoing and enthusiastic. We never talked in depth about any of the problems we were facing but nevertheless everyone had them. When I am overwhelmed I go talk to someone I trust; for most of my Link Crew group, I was that person. Although in the beginning I could not tell if I was making an impact, the way I acted and behaved in public was enough to demonstrate to my group that I was a trustworthy person. By the end of the year I could tell I was making a difference. Many came to me whenever they needed someone to listen and help. Although I could not make their decisions for them, I hoped that the guidance I offered was enough to help them through their problems. Leadership is to be shown, not dictated. I had to prove myself as trustworthy through leading by example. I feel gratified when I know that the little things I did to gain their trust eventually paid off.
I show leadership in both my academics and extracurricular activities. Being a leader is an opportunity and an experience that is unique and different for each person. I have had the pleasure to help people both directly and indirectly through all the opportunities I have been given. I presented myself as a leader for my link crew kids so that they in turn would know they could trust me. The things I accomplish, even those that are not glorified, are done because of the fact that I took action to lead and do them. I lead to be a mentor. I lead to serve. I lead to get things done.

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Anise said...
Oct. 15, 2010 at 9:27 am
Your leadership will impact many -- don't grow weary!  Proud of you :)
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