Riding to a Better Me

October 4, 2010
By Anonymous

The only thing I can remember after the accident is the EMT asking me why I was crying while one tear stung my cheek as it fell to the ambulance floor. It’s a sunny October morning and everything is perfect. I’m up at 5:00, the horses are watered and fed, and I’m excited for the day’s competition. My warm-up is flawless and I feel unbeatable as I nervously circle the start box being while being counted down to start my cross country course. When I finally left the box, my trainer shouts, “Have a great ride” which I knew I would. But, as I rounded a corner after the most challenging jump on the course, something terrified my horse. The next thing I know, I’m heading straight into a tree with no way to stop. My memory of the rest of the day is missing, but after a ride in the ambulance and a day at the hospital I’m able to go home with only a few injuries.
Today, two years later, people continue to ask me how I was able to get back on my horse just a short month later. At first I was afraid, but I couldn’t stay away forever. I love the sport of eventing, I love my horse, and I love all the friends I’ve made the past ten years too much to quit. I knew I had to get back into the saddle despite my fears. I’ve learned through all my trainers and many falls that you can’t be afraid and run away from something you love because of a minor setback. You have to get right back into trying to accomplish your goals because the longer you wait to try again, the more your fear grows, and the less likely you are to get back into it. Just because something may appear perfect, things can change in the blink of an eye, but with hard work and determination I’ve learned that I can reach my goals. I can’t quit something that I love and have been dedicated to for most of my life, no matter what it is, because of fear from a set-back. I know I have to continue to work hard and slowly the fear goes away.

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