That's Embarassing

September 29, 2010
By Anonymous

I am officially turning into my mom. As she sings those happy tunes, most of which are made up, as she imitates silly characters or makes up her own funny nicknames and phrases, as she looks out the window and talks to squirrels, as she “eeks” and squeals over something exciting, I realize that I do all of the same things! People always say you carry traits of each of your parents, but they [people] never say that eventually you become your mother’s or father’s clone. I think I’m beginning to. While my mom cooks, you can hear her making up songs, such as, “where is the pepper…lala…yuuu huuu, Lalithaaaa, Rossin’ Bossin’, Meeeghann, Shaaaan, come and eat my little bears!” This is all done in a range of pitches and tunes. I tend to make up my own songs as well. “Gotta studyyy, hummm, hummm, where is my baaack pack,” or even “come oooon green light! Gotta go, gotta go, gotta goo…” Again, different tunes, different pitches, we both like to sing and hum to our own little jingles. Of course, I generally can sing pretty well, and we always joke around and wonder from which parent I received this trait.
My mom has always thrown in wacky phrases here and there, and given us silly nicknames she calls us while out and about or at home. “Lalitha Balitha Kalitha!” I mean, really? Do not forget the famous, “Chuckles the Clown,” because let me tell you, he “is coming to town!” My “mamma bear” makes these up off the top of her head and just blurts them out. Actually, my whole family does, but the point is I know everyone can hear our conversations. How embarrassing. We’ve even gone out to the movies as a family and situations like this occur. I wonder why we do not go out anymore…just kidding. But, have you ever had your mom and/or dad stand up in the movie theatre, waving their arms loudly and proudly, indication that we [us kids] are sitting up there with them? Have you ever not heard what the movie was saying because of how loudly your parents, in my situation, my dad, whisper? This isn’t a one-time thing for my family. Oh, and yes, I know they do this because they care about me and my safety, but I think I am the only near 18 year old who gets followed home if it is past 10:30…maybe 11:00. I am almost always embarrassed to tell my friends, “hey, go ahead and leave… my parents want to follow me home.” Trust me, I have made up an excuse here and there before. It’s teenage life, man.
I guess when I think about it all though, I cannot really talk. Telling my friends to “stop it little bop its,” as my mom would say, or calling them “baby bears” puts me in the same boat as her. Also, have you ever talked to a squirrel? I sure have. I wonder where that part of me came from. Oh, maybe my mom? I even squeal like my mom does when I get excited for something. Sure, excitement causes verbal breakouts, but I happen to emulate them, accidentally, just like my mom. I have definitely even been called “mom” before; on a daily basis, actually. Apparently I have a motherly nature to me. Weird, but I actually do not mind it. One day, I am sure I will be that parent who calls their child or has him or her text me or my husband just to let me know their every move.
My brothers and sister do not have the clone trait I have. But honestly, I do not really mind. The things my mom does may be embarrassing, but funny; and she might be that motherly, soccer mom, number one fan kind of mom, but that’s her job. I just happen to be turning into her. I am sure one day when I have a child, he or she will be explaining this same story to his or her friends about how I do embarrassing things and act so motherly. I like being like my mom; I am her number one fan. Although I am becoming her, I do not think it is such a bad thing.

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