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September 27, 2010
By Jstadnik619 BRONZE, Hull, Massachusetts
Jstadnik619 BRONZE, Hull, Massachusetts
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Some people experience a pivotal moment during their upbringing, when they realize their life’s goal and devote themselves to achieving it. Through this epiphany people pursue their ideal career. As for most of my life, I went through a sporadic process of effortlessly deciding what occupation I would work towards. Each idea would find a warm sanctuary within my mind, but would be gradually pushed out into the cold by the newer incoming inhibitions. But during my freshman year of high school, one lodger eased its way into my thoughts, and stayed settled to this day.

Mr. Milner, my physical science teacher, noticed my potential early on, and gave me the introduction to the career that has followed me through high school. Behind every successful student is at least one teacher that declared their recognition of that student’s talent. In turn, Mr. Milner gave me the confidence and motivation to righteously utilize my talent. Consequently, I became interested in his frequent rants about how the brightest minds of my generation need to unite to sort out the mess the world has created for us. He specifically caught my interest when he synchronized this sermon with his explanation of the environmental and economical crises caused by the use of fossil fuels. I immediately developed the ambition to help solve this crucial conflict.

Two years later, I enrolled in the Advanced Placement Environmental Science course offered at my school, with the hope of attaining a more thoroughly educated perspective on this topic and my future. As a result, my aspiration to benefit our society by making significant contributions to the research and development of alternative energy sources intensified. I am now committed and enthusiastic about studying renewable energy technology, for it will serve as the first step towards my professional life.

Choosing the opportunities I hope to utilize is a pivotal fork in the road towards my future. Through the assessment of majors offered at various colleges, I have come to the conclusion that Cornell University provides the perfect path. Cornell originally grabbed my attention because of the variety of environmental majors offered through the different colleges. But when browsing through the website, I gained light of the Independent Major option and the energy studies conducted at Cornell. This discovery amplified my anticipation, for I had found a great means of engaging in the investigation of clean renewable energy. No longer am I lobbing darts at a board of professions. I have set my sights on a precise target and I am taking aim.

My experiences as a student have taught me that the most fulfilling rewards in life come from activities that require dedication. My triumphs over academic trials have bestowed further motivation to pursue my goal. I have extended my reach consistently because if I do not challenge myself, I limit my potential. Thus, I have prioritized Cornell University as the mountain I will climb, with my profession at its summit.

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