The Little Things

September 24, 2010
By Jacobchandler BRONZE, Brandon, Mississippi
Jacobchandler BRONZE, Brandon, Mississippi
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The little things in life are the most significant, yet we are oblivious to their meaning as if we never knew they were there, or didn’t even care. It’s the collection of these moments that captivate the spectators of our lives, our family, friends, and the every now-and-then passerby looking for a time killer to move the day along in a quicker manner. While they may seem irrelevant and not worth the effort to think twice about, the importance of their meaning is based on their receiver and how they put it into their own perspective. Instead of looking at the whole picture, focus on the minute details. It may seem like an easy task, one that achievable by anyone. Only once everything is taken in will the realization of what life’s beautiful flaws be perceived. For some, a step back from the big picture will bring them to this realization, and others, an entire lifetime of meticulous searching. To our foolishness, it lies precisely in-between.
Being wrapped up in what is and what’s not hinders the best in people. The manner in which we receive information is taken in and processed by the mood we feel, the day we’ve had, or any other controversial dilemma we may have come across. Believe it or not, the reason we tend to overlook what is really important in life is because we accept death as inevitability. While death may not come to us in the near future, our perspectives on how to treat life’s’ gifts are dulled by the ignorance that we have towards it. Senses are heightened to those of a terminal ailment, ones who try to appreciate everything they come in contact with. They are the ones that take the time to slow their busy lifestyles down enough to keep up with what life has to offer, the little things. For the rest of us, morning traffic commuting and hectic days at work only bring us further and further away from what we are all missing out on. Life really has so much to offer. However, it’s only available to those who attempt to make it all worthwhile, whether it is rain or sunshine.
Bringing to light that we all take insignificant events and monumentous occasions differently is a step towards realizing that we are human. No two people will have the same perspective on an argument and many people may agree on relative subject, but it’s only letters on a page or words in thought if we don’t make something of it. We might argue that a companion gave up their chance of a lifetime, full of pleasure and contentment. Universally, there will always be disagreement, somewhere along the lines of happiness or pain being an emotion in the eye of the beholder. It’s human nature to have sensational feelings about a lifelong passion, while the rest of the world may think of it as nothing more than a waste of valuable resources, time, or energy. If we were to take into consideration why it is a human flaw for one person to like what another hates, then we would all be one step closer to understanding little things. They are so much more significant to a random passerby watching the life of a total stranger than their own. Why? Those opportunities being thrown away may be the stepping stone into the awakening of their own potential.
When we take a step forward to observe our lives in every detail, from the seconds we waste pumping gas to the homeless we help during community service, we often find it too overwhelming to process. If we live on a day to day basis, watching every single step we make and action we do, paranoia will set in, eventually. This is true in part, because, if something we have planned doesn’t happen, we consider all the other possibilities and scenarios that will become of it. Like a bad choice, we ponder over every second and how one tiny action could have reserved our right to say we didn’t do anything wrong. When we take a step back to look at our own lives, however, harsh judgment sets in. Our thoughts on how we live our lives take a rollercoaster ride, going up and down through each stage of every emotion possible. We realize how much we don’t appreciate what we’ve got, how we use it, or why we waste it. An epiphany is frequent outcome, putting us in an irreversible journey towards our own self realization. Only a balance of gratitude towards the choices we make, how thoroughly we consider their outcomes to be, and their overall success will bring the true magnificence of life’s beauty forward.
To focus on the big picture and every insignificant detail is the solution to living a productive life to its fullest extents and farther. Being unaware of the little things isn’t a choice, but every so often, we let what we cannot control get in the way of what we need to accomplish. What we do may be an interesting show for the bystander, but there’s always purpose for our actions. We may be content with what we do, or we may be restless with the outcome. Either way, the only real benefit of realizing all the little things in life is through trial and error, that everyone else’s life is touched in the process. Some may say that we need to keep our views at large, but in the end, the little things are what’s keeps us all going, day in and day out. For some, the road to realization may be long, to others, a foot step away. You get what you got, and you’ve got to roll with it. Simple as that.

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