September 3, 2010
By Selena.g.r BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Selena.g.r BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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The new Arizona law S.B. 1070 is unconstitutional, thoughtful, and racist in my point of view. The S.B. 1070 law is a law which states that any officer can ask for documentation if he pleases. If that person does not have any documentation he/she will be arrested and later deported. The Arizona law is not helping the United States but greatly affecting it. But not only is it causing the United States problems but all the people in it like Caucasians, African Americans, Hispanic/Latinos, ect. The law is affecting everyone because most of us tend to stay away from jobs that involve hard work in the hot sun, or in the cold of winter for pay of minimum wage or less. For example jobs in tobacco, carpeting, farming, pluming and much more. If they make more laws like the S.B. 1070 law they will only be kicking there most important and hardest workers out. Most of the people that are not against laws like the S.B. 1070 don’t really see the problems that they are helping to cause. Problems like stress, fear, depression, pain and surfing and even deaths!
You may be asking yourselves how are we helping the cause of deaths? Or you might be think that you’re doing the immigrant a favor by deporting them but you have no idea what you are helping to cause. Many people die each day in Mexico they die from malnutrition, untreated injuries, or they are killed or kidnapped that person might of been the person you helped deport.
Three of the biggest problems that laws like the Arizona law area causing are that they are separating families, causing deaths and causing young adults not being able to go to college. Every parent asks themselves if their children are ok well they are away from them. Immigrant mothers ask themselves the same, but they also ask themselves will that be the last time I’ll see my child? Just imagine the terror that they and their children go through all day and every day. Now think about how many kids/teens parents/grandparents go to bed having one thought on their mind. That thought is will I see my family tomorrow. That’s right; kids and teens do ask these questions. They say what happens to me if they get deported? Maybe you didn’t know this but many officers are threatening undocumented people or just inventing something up to have them put in jail then deported back to Mexico. Some immigration officers force immigrants to sign documents that say they can’t and won’t come to the U.S no more. If they refuse to sign they threaten them by saying if they don’t their going after their families.
Some reasons that some people don’t want immigrants in the United States are that they say they take jobs, they bring drug, they are violent and dangerous, their race, and they say they are all criminals and lazy people. In my opinion I say they don’t take jobs they find jobs no one really wants to do for a living. Not everyone are drug dealers or violent well they too have heard of Americans Citizens doing drugs and that they are very violent and dangerous against Mexicans. For example many Hispanics are facially assaulted and some even killed because of their race. Not everyone is a criminal; it’s like saying everyone who works including Americans that want to maintain their families are criminals.
I say no race is better than another race we all are human and we all deserve a better life for us and our families! We all should live together without fear and act respectful to each other like human beings we are.

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whiteninja said...
on Sep. 17 2010 at 12:19 pm
Sorry, but your essay was extremely preachy. I am not disapproving of your view, but this an essay about yourself-so write abut yourself. This gives the reader no insight to who you are. All they know is that you don't like the Arizona immigration law. Poor.


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