October 19, 2007
By Homero Chavira, Park City, UT

My friends and I were riding down Main Street on the bicycle trail. So I grabbed some rocks and I threw them as we were riding down. There was a woman with her baby in the carriage. The baby was sleeping. My friend was ahead of us, and he didn’t see the woman with her baby. Suddenly there was a sharp turn. My friend didn’t see the rocks on the path so his skateboard tripped on a rock and landed right where the baby was sleeping.
When I finally got there, the baby was crying. The women didn’t know how to get my friend off, but when I got there, I helped. When we got him off, the baby had a bloody nose.
We asked the lady what my friend looked like coming down the trail, and she said, “He looked like superman, but next time you need to slow down…”

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