Sitting on the Bench?

October 9, 2007
Do you know what it feels like to sit on the bench? Watch everyone make the spectacular catch or the perfect hit? Unfortunately I was in that position.

My sophomore year of high school was great, I was the captain of my J.V. football team, I had a great bunch of great friends and I was on the J.V. baseball team. I was thrilled to be playing another year of baseball for my great school, Arrowhead. Their was a problem, I had two other kids at my positions and they were great players. My coach gave me a chance to start at that position the second game into the season and o man did I screw up. I had errors left and right and couldn’t hit the ball if my life depended on it. After that game I thought I would never play an inning for the rest of my J.V. career.

Couple of weeks went by and I didn’t play, but I hung in there and went to all the practices and games routing on my teammates. Then came the first game I came back. I didn’t start the game but coach had me hit for a person on the team. We didn’t have just any normal team; we broke the record for a J.V. team for best record with 23 wins and 2 losses. As I stepped in the batter box I take a big swing and missed and the count now is zero balls and one strike. I took a deep breath, got all of the nerves out and on the next pitch hit a line drive into left field, bringing home a run. By me bringing that runner in, that ended up being the game winning RBI.

I will never forget that year. I enjoyed every game I played and didn’t play. I am the most blessed person to be on that baseball team with the greatest guys and friends a teammate could have.

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