My First Impression of High School

June 1, 2010
By Kevin7 BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
Kevin7 BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
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Two years ago symbolizes for me the first time I heard and knew something about my school, the way it was described by my friends who attended summer camps was a big school with different activities sports and military activities, with a good environment full of students, teachers, coaches and everybody else involved in school life. Months later when I got finally accepted my family and I were very happy. Although the good feelings I had of going, my first impression symbolizes my expectations of what I was waiting about my school.
There is one of those moments that everybody feels at the time they arrive to a new place, a special place where someone will live for several years, a sensation of discovery new aspects, characteristics, secret places and crowded places. Those feelings and sensations described me at the time my family and I arrived back in fall of 2008, at that moment my first words described my thoughts, nerves and impatient of being at a new place for me.
Even though at the time I arrived to my school bad and good impressions and sensations were passing through my feelings and thoughts. The impressions that my mind was having represented the emotion of having new friends, eagerness to learn new things such as the military activities and the athletic activities. Soon I realized my enthusiasm for beginning to play soccer was enormous, I couldn’t wait to start practicing the next day. My parents were feeling happy and proud of me as my comments and my expression on my face were seeing by my parents.
The expectations that I had for school after I came for the first time symbolizes all the good aspects that I thought a place as school can have, his wonderful environment within the students, faculty and staff represents the expectations that before I came to school my friends introduced me as a quick tour of what my school can offer to the children to go either to summer camps or winter school. My school represents such the place of good expectations.

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