Being Stargirl Caraway

April 23, 2010
We all have wished at one point in our life we could be someone else, had a different look or maybe even diverse personality. Our character makes us who we are or whom we wish to be, whether likable or not. In our dreams we are able to create ourselves as higher beings as kings or queens of our own worlds, for once we may stand for who we truly are in our own space and time. Every once and a while we keep in touch with our surreal selves, our real inhibitors of our bodies, the one who really should be shown to the world, the real you. We may hide our genuine self in fear of being mocked or ridiculed from others or even maybe ourselves. We should take the chance on ourselves and believe we have something to offer and contribute to someone else, somewhere. We should take the chance to make ourselves known.

In the book Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli he portrays a character in just that way. She made her days meaningful and unique. She stood for herself and by herself. She knew the actual meaning of herself and where inside her, she decided to be her own person. Her compassion and enthusiasm had an effect on people as strange and obscure. When she was surrounded by other people, they had the feelings of insecurity around her beautified being.

When I first enhanced myself to the book I disliked it and Stargirl’s character greatly, I thought how could she stand and not fall while everyone doubted her splendor and were pretentious to her different kind of amazing. She could stand up for who she was and not feel victimized by other regular individuals. She stood above everyone with a higher and significant meaning of the world and life to her. Everyday she shined her own true colors. I felt I didn’t like her, because she was unclear and seemed to always be at an awkward state in her life, trying to figure things out, but stuck in that frame of time. I felt sorry for her, being an outcast in a world such as high school. But, than I believe no, she would feel sorry for me or individuals who have lost insight of what really matters in life and to ourselves, we forget our happiness and leave it up to others to figure out and produce our joy. We get lost in cliques and worldly statuses, only hearing what others think about us and not hearing our own voice to be cared for as well.

She taught me and enlightened my person of what life really means. The fear of not being accepted in our high school years is vital. She stood with enormous strength and willingness to be her own person that she had courage unimaginable. She didn’t care or thrive on others thoughts on her being, she knew and carried it with hope. Everyday most teens would rather lay down their own personal strength than stand up with a courageous heart to be their own.

For me that is the most important part in life, to have a knowledge of ourselves and accept that understanding and show it to the world with humble pride.

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