The Upside to Down Syndrome

April 21, 2010
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What was the best thing before sliced bread? Why is it that if you blow in a dog’s face it gets mad, yet it sticks its head out the window in the car? Why do toasters have a setting on them that burns toast to a horrible crisp no one would eat? Every day thousands of questions are asked, thought, or dreamt of and never will their answer be found. Though I’ve come to accept this fact, I still yearn for the answer to one question: What is my purpose in life?

In my lifetime, I’ve come to many conclusions. I’ve concluded that I am not normal, but I’ve also concluded that normality is a myth. I’ve contradicted and have been hypocritical to myself and the world around me. Through my conclusions, however, I’ve worked with my thoughts and processed them into a plethora of feelings as to what my purpose in life is. I’ve realized that we need heartbreak to grow into lovers, need to see the bad to know the good. We must not give people love to receive love, but rather because we want to. I’ve found that for every good there is a bad, but for every bad there is not necessarily a good. From every experience I’ve lived through, I’ve come to these realizations. And learning these lessons perhaps is one of my reasons for being on this earth.

Ever since I was nine and had my first experience with cognitively and physically challenged people, I’ve noticed that they are more loving than anyone else I’ve encountered. These loving beings see past the bad in people and are the least judging of all. The fact that they live a harder life than I will ever know is just one more reason that I want to be there to make their journey more enjoyable. To see them get picked on and insulted on a day to day basis, breaks me down inside. Feeling this pain for them let’s me know that I am here for a reason, and that being there to help others just may be one reason.

Being a teacher for those with special needs will just bring me one step closer to feeling satisfied with my life, and giving the love and support to those who will receive less than other people in their lifetimes. The answer to my question will never be answered. I know and accept that fact, but when I see that smile light up on their faces, I know that no matter where live takes me, these friends that I will make will always be there for me. So perhaps it’s those questions that we long for the answer to but will never truly find are the ones that we take the most from in the end.

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Grasshopper007 said...
May 5, 2010 at 6:46 pm
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