Hispanic Annual Salute and International Scholarship

February 11, 2010
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Sense I was little I had seen my family straggle because none of them had bean to college and never new how college was. My mom would work in the night and my dad would work in the morning but I didn’t see my mom until the morning, but one day they fire my dad and the only person working was my mom and she would work in the factories and only get pay a little like only for the important stuff for the house. When I got older I thought that I was not going to college because my parents didn’t had the many to pay for my education and I really wanted a big education so I can succeed because I wonted to be the first one to go to college and that way everyone that was after me to go will fallow that steps that I would took. That was back when I was in Mexico, but now every thing change now that I move to the United States. My parents now are willing to help me go to college so I can be something big and so I wouldn’t be on the track they had taken.

The first day of school in the United States was difficult because I didn’t know how to speak English and that I need to be in the second grade but they said that I needed to be in first so I can grab the English language better. When I got to middle school I was told that if you wornt born in the United States you couldn’t go to college so my dreams of becoming some thing to help the children parish but my parents told me that to steel continue dreaming of my career in college. I jest didn’t care what others said I would only think about what I can accomplish.

Now that I’m in high school everything change because I’m volunteering to finish high school and go to college. I’m volunteering because I want to show everyone that says that I couldn’t go to college because I not a citizen of the United States and that I to want to show my family that if I could there children can too. Volunteering brat me a lot of things like I can go and look for a college that is convenient for me and that it offers the feel that I want t to be learning. I wont to let others in my whole family now that I’m wont my cousins to volunteer to so they can show there parents that volunteering is a way that you can see that you can.

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amandapanda949 said...
Sept. 2, 2010 at 7:44 pm

Your first word in sense i was...


you mean since.


but its a good story

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