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February 11, 2010
By Anonymous

I have always had the support and love of my family. They are the reason that I exist and the reason why I have life in this world. I come from a little town in Mexico, called, “El Por Venir Del Campesino.” If you look on a map, you would not see it because its size is so minuscule. Despite this, we always seem to have a heart of gold. For example, the day that we were short on money to buy food for the week my dad and I went to town and started selling tamales and cups of coffee so that we would have enough food for us. Saying this, I have always said that we are strong and we have a strong backbone.

However, my dad found it difficult to succeed in this little town, even with the heart of gold along our side. We moved out to the United States or the “other side”. No one in my family has graduated from High school and I plan to be the first to do this. I plan to finish all my schooling even going to college. My dad always says, “I want you succeed and do better than me, and actually become someone in life.” I take these words in consideration every day that I go to class.

Making my dad proud is the main reason that I want to finish school. I want to see a smile his face when I go up to receive my diploma for high school and also for college. I see him work hours that i taught weren’t humanly possible. He is the reason that we have food in our plates.

I do not want this to be my future. Even though I respect him a lot, I can’t see myself be doing this. It is hard for me to realize that a man with so much intelligence ended up like he did. I myself want to be a different man.

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