what i have learn during my time at Culver

January 19, 2010
By Anonymous

Throughout a person’s whole life, the development of an individual human being can be separate into many different periods. For me, the life in Culver is definitely a changing point in my future than other years that I have experienced. Culver, as what the name means, America Eagle is the sign for all the American soldiers, Culver specifically is a place with full of passion, military rules and leadership, which teach me how to be a good leader.
It’s a honorable for me as a cadet in Culver, in these three years” experience, I believe that I gain enough knowledge and understand how important for a person to have a vision. Like what our Captain used to say, “A man who lost his vision is not longer have a chance to step into the hall of success.” Culver has raised me up, so that I could enjoy a vast view of the world. Especially the Culver’s Library, the sanctuary of mind always keeps me in a close touch with those great thoughts of giants, Shakespeare, Russell, Churchill, Roosevelt, to name only a few. All these overwhelmingly famous names have turned familiar and friendly here. These great minds teach me how to live a meaningful life. They warn me that the last but greatest enemy for mankind is human existence itself. Their words of wisdom shall guide and guard me to overcome all the obstacles beset in the course of my life. In the light of this statement, I have to say that Culver years have brightened up my vision.
In Culver, one majority view for me is to understand being a solider need to have a stronger shoulder to take enough responsibilities about the thing you do and the time you pass, that’s a great mission for me to get closer as a real solider. When I was a junior, I was chosen a volunteer for the Handicapped Association. My job at that time is to take care of specific numbers of people who are deformity. In these 7 days, we being passed in an extremely common life like any other common else, it’s a scene that describe the bravery to live in this world without a complete body, a life with painful and delightful. Even a tiny help for them doesn’t means help that simple, it’s an opportunity to become friends, through which I see that the possession of life lies in sharing. This is how Culver years has defined my mission.
The present president of Culver Academy Lawrence H. Summers, former President of Harvard said in one graduated speech, “life is a climb, but the view is great.” Living in a world of madding crowd, a group, or even a small group of people are expected to remain transcendental and sober. If any can live up to so high a standard of existence, Culver graduates can. And I’m get ready to start my freshman life in College.

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