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College Essay

January 14, 2010
By Patrick Ruleford BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Patrick Ruleford BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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It had been a day and it wasn’t even noon. As my group waited in silence to sing, I realized this was going to be the biggest accomplishment in my singing career.
Our practice for this event began with learning what a madrigal is, learning the words in French and how expressions are used for entertainment. Being a fast attentive learner helped me in the process. The months of work and preparation came down to this moment. As the judge called our group in we lined up, I could hear nothing, even though the room was full of people. The air was heavy. I couldn’t breath. As the leader of our madrigal started the introduction, I stood tall as if I was an oak tree with my hands at my sides so my sound quality was at its fulliest.
This was it the song began. Trying to be a leader is hard, but acted hoping it would help the rest of the group I had confidence in my group who was doing exceptional. When I perform it brings out the best in me and my up beat attitude. As the song came to an end, I was relieved then silence filled the room.
The judge got up from his chair and critiqued us. He said, “That of all the performances you are the best.”
As time passed, (after the state competition) we were back at school preparing for our final concert of the year. I was informed we had the highest score possible. My face lit up like when I bought my first car.
I thought about this, and realized my dedication to singing for seven years would not have been successful if it hadn’t been for my choir teachers, family and friends. Although this was an accomplishment, I still have plenty to learn about this field. I try to put my dedication, not only in singing, but everything else in life.

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