Living Nightmare

October 29, 2009
By , Auburn, NY
My father, if he could be called that does not comfort me like most parents should. Instead haunts my nightmares. He beat my mother leaving bruises, he didn’t care if people saw the mark he left. He abused her physically and emotionally. My mother kicked out to the curb like the garbage he was. Then our lives seemed pure of filth. At the tender age of six, Court Officials put me in my fathers care for a week. Then his sexual abuse became apparent. That day will always haunt me. For being so young I was a brave little girl. I didn’t keep our secret as “daddy” put it. I told on that monster in human wear.

He made me have fears that I am still getting over today. He made me it hard for me to trust anyone other than myself. He didn’t only do dirty things in his life, he did help me in a way. I know now because of him what I want out of life. I want to help, not hurt. I can’t be like him, I wont. I need to strive for the best so I don’t become a mere imagine of the thing i’ve been trying to avoid all my life. I realized I won’t sit around and watch other people think they can get away with this. I want to help people get past the fear that I have had to. I don’t want young girls fearing their fathers for their whole childhood, I want them to know they can stand up for themselves. And that it isn’t a secret.

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