Things Change

December 9, 2009
By Anonymous

“Jacob Michael Craig Debruno! ”, My sister screamed as she was sprayed with water from the hose attachment of the sink which I had rigged just minutes before. “ What do you want now? ” I replied innocently, doing my best to hold back laughter. Make no mistake the trickery was in no way a one way affair. It seemed to be a daily occurrence in our house growing up, as my sisters and I argued about almost everything. We fought over the remote, who could have “shotgun”(the front seat), and even who got to eat first; I soon made that a non issue. Our relationship would change immensely in the future.

Through middle school I dealt with walking down the hallway in the highschool and having all my oldest sisters friends say, “ O look its Susan’s little brother .” My other sister Melanie even told some of her friends that my name was Alberto and that I only spoke Spanish. “O hey it’s Alberto!” one of my sisters friends would exclaim in the hallway. O but it only got better when they had friends come over. I would get the works from my sister and her friends playing spoons at the kitchen table, “Alberto will you make me a taco?” one of them would say.

As we got older and I got into highschool things began to change. My oldest sister Susan had graduated, moved out, and went off to college to study Business. Having my sister move away immediately affected me. Besides the fact that I had to ride the bus I found despite all the arguing my sister and I did that I truly missed her when she left. I finally realized what that relationship really meant to me. I played football so I got to know a lot of the upperclassmen very quickly during two a days and the rest of the season. I received tons of comments from my friends and especially the upperclassmen on how good looking my sisters were which was a monstrous annoyance.

Now im a senior in highschool and everything has changed. Now I tower over all of my sisters and I no longer get treated like Alberto or Susan’s little brother. Susan has finished grad school at Notre Dame and Megan is currently in school as well. We have become closer and although we still argue at times, they never leave my house without a hug. I am truly thankful for my three sisters. As we have grown and developed to whom we are today, our relationship has concurrently grown into what it is today. We have always been a family, and we will always be friends.

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