Just Say No

November 30, 2009
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The pen sits to the left of me and the document front and center. This is my decision. My life. My future. I look to my right, seeing another student quickly scribble her signature and continue to twirl her gum with her index finger. I peer to my left, a male student makes the loser symbol to his friend across the room with his right hand. I come back to the paper and reread the page: “Write a pledge to yourself about your drug and alcohol free lifestyle.” Seventh grade guidance class. What should I say to myself? Picking up the pen, my hand moves on the paper, writing words which seem to flow easily from my mind to the page. Once the page is complete, my hand scribbles the signature of Sally Marie Losinske. The page takes a toll on me, causing a gasp from my body. Following this contract will either make or break my life. Entering high school, peer pressure was ubiquitous. Trusting my judgment, I left the friends who involved themselves in the rounds of Vodka shots on Friday nights. I steered clear of drug use behind the school walls during free periods. Though people barely worry about grade school goals, mine are a consist reminder. Looking towards the future, I will maintain my goals of a free lifestyle. The results from my grades, accomplishments, and honors show the impact positive decisions have had on my career in high school and life. Living up to my dreams means following the contract of seventh grade.

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