Just Enough

November 18, 2009
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I don’t hog the light or hide myself
I love to write, fix wrongs to rights and would help someone else
I’m working hard trying to pass years of tests
To get the best
And support my family with wealth.
Grew up in the Bronx
With my family which is
Me, my mom and my brother.
I grew up with no dad and still wouldn’t want another.
I appreciate the way my life has started.
Thank god no one can change it,
If so I would have been broken hearted.
I didn’t have the best things but it was enough,
I never asked for much
And living for us was tough.
Still we managed and had more than others had
For them I am sad,
I really want to make them glad.
I want to help out the world with voice or action.
Go to the studio and make tracks.
Not just one kind mentioned,
But the tracks that would be heard and attract positive attention.
Maybe my words can help a cause for prevention
Soon I can be the person to arrange a change,
Try to maintain positive minds
And release brains that are deranged.

I went straight to kindergarten at age 4
No summer school or getting left back
I brought down every door. My mom will tell people “Don’t carry her”
Thanks mom, you already knew I would break down any barrier.
I like to do things myself
I’m not scared.
And if I need help ill ask for a hand
No need for stealth so be aware.
Independent person out the womb
More knowledge I acquire
More skills I consume.
Even if I rest I won’t be doomed
Because when I come back
There will be more stuff you can see me do.

About 2 years ago I met my best friend’s mom
And she really encouraged me.
She said don’t stop writing that’s where you need to be.
She’s another influence and im glad I met her,
She writes too which makes things even better.
I’m never going to stop this
It keeps me free.
I say whatever I want,
And say it so easily.
I write down
Expectations and
Random things.
Loss and love,
people I have met or things I overcome.
Things I want and things I need
And how im going to go to college to achieve a degree
Also to be the first in my family.
I will be the first with a career
I’m going to get this done and
I have no fear.

I’m ready for anything and I speak the truth
So many things I would love to pursue!
I will study some type of art and be a part of the basketball team.
There is so much more
and probably some I can only dream.
My G.P.A is a 2.3 as of now,
it’s not my best and this is how.
I entered freshmen year at Schenectady high school at age 13
At first it was all fun
well that’s what it seemed.
Relationships wasn’t something to focus on
And now I know I was wrong.
Thru 11th Grade I realized that I messed up
so much time had passed
and I said that’s enough.
I know I am capable to do more than what was on score.
I could have gotten better grades before
But I let the outside world make me ignore.
I’m not going to let this repeat
No matter what im staying on my feet.
It really hurts but im back on track
And I will prove you that.

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