Sad, But True

November 17, 2009
Bugs crawling on the wall, all over the walls and ceiling. Not able to slip into a beautiful dream. Always hearing my mom and step-dad arguing about not having any money. This is the story of a twelve year olds struggling life with two coke head parents.

My life was amazing up until the age of twelve through fifteen. Those were the worst days and years of my life. Parents who lost both jobs and developed drug problems. Never cared about the three children they had in their lives. All they cared about was when they were going to snort their next line. As a twelve year old girl all I wanted to do was scream and cry,

Hearing then argues about their drugs and when they were going to get their drugs. This argument became a routine thing. With nothing but my strength to take care of my seven year old sister and two year old brother. I was really the only thing they had and I was not about to let them down at all. I tried hard to search for food everyday and make sure they were fed before they laid their sleepy heads down.

Eventually many people gave up on helping us out. Three children stuck in the middle of all this animosity. The only one I could turn to was my grandma. She bought and brought things for us kids to survive. She could not stand to be around my mom and step-dad, but then again who could.

The only thing that you could see was their skinny pale faces and skin, also their sunken eyes with dark black circles around them. I hated looking at them or even being in the same room as them. When I looked at them all I seen was the zombies they were turning into.

Love, I had no love for them and every day I would lay in bed wondering when they would die?! Unfortunately they never did and they are still surviving. They have been clean for five years. But I still wonder when I am going to see those bugs crawling on the walls and ceilings. Because every drug addict has to cure their addiction on way or another. Wonder when it will happen again?!

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