A Stepping Stone Shaped as a Book

November 9, 2009
By Winnebago SILVER, Morrison, Colorado
Winnebago SILVER, Morrison, Colorado
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Looking back on my childhood the one thing that is engraved into my memory is the feeling I got every time I read a new book. I could not get enough of them; books were a passion of mine. Authors soaked into my mind like Carroll, Spinelli, Christie, and Keene. I progressed through school with relative ease, my connection with books guiding the way. Until I reached high school there were no real academic challenges available to me. Registering for all the honor programs I could, my obsession with school became apparent. I needed a class where my intellect would be tested, and a statement would mean nothing until evidence was provided. Well into my freshman year I heard about AP classes. It was targeted to anyone interested, but the most common students that were enrolling were current honors students. This is what I had been waiting for. Sophomore year slid into view as I began attending my very first AP course, World History. Needless to say the curriculum showed me who was boss as it threw me every curve ball imaginable. The work became overwhelming as I struggled to keep up with the other students. There was a moment of regret, of self doubt, and complete resignation. The only person that could pull me out of this hole was I. This was what I had been waiting for, a class that could challenge and put things into perspective for me. I continued on throughout the year pushing myself to get by and learn as much as possible for the exam. At the end of the year my grade was not the highest of the class; but that did not matter. If I had taken the regular course I would have been guaranteed an A, but that is not what I wanted. Although AP classes are difficult, I have not been able to look back every since. There are no regular classes available that I find that provide me with the same amount of information and challenge that I receive from an AP course. Sacrificing a perfect grade is what I must pay so that I must receive the knowledge that I can get from an AP course. My journey from a little girl, fascinated by books continues on throughout my life as it helps me through many situations that life offers, from school into my nearing future.

The author's comments:
This is the college essay that I am thinking about submitting to my college favorites.

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