Best Decision

September 29, 2009
By Anonymous

“I have something to tell you guys.” My father brought up a new subject while I and my sister were having a dinner. I was hoping he would talk something humorous. “We will go to Thailand and there is no Japanese high school.” he insisted. After a while these words were circling my brain. No Japanese high school? How come? How can we study then…? While my brain was virtually full of these questions, he whispered, “International school...” This word was absolutely fresh for me and made me perplex. Consequently I asked my father what kind of school it is and he introduced me it is a school that involve foreigners. “Do they speak Japanese?” I inquired. “No!” He returned. At once I was shocked and blamed him. Since he knew English was my weakest subject, he let me enroll to the International school. Moreover, before he informed me about that, I would like to take a course that is no connection with English because I had no sense of English at all. Furthermore, I did not want to go far away from my friends because I did not feel lonely at anytime. Hence, I began to afraid of my near future.
It was a first semester of grade nine; everyone started to think about their high school live. Therefore, my homeroom teacher made an appointment with each student to know which school they want. When my turn was come I launched to inform him what I would do after graduate. But suddenly he wedged my voice. “Are you sure that you will go to Thailand?” he asked me with a doubt. “Yes!!” I answered him with a no hesitation. “What about school?” he gave another question so I promptly replied him, “well… after graduate this school I planning to enroll to the international school in Thailand.” As I responded his face began to cloud by embarrassment. “I think it is better to talk with your English teacher.” he said hurriedly and led me take to the school office. I was waited for my English teacher, Tap! Tap! I heard the sound of high heels was approaching. “Clack!” door was open and teacher walked heading to me. “Tell me your problem” she inquired to me. I told my plan and asked her, “May I have extra help from you for preparing my high school.” Then she replied me. “OK” and said, “Anytime you have a free at after school come to my class.” and she added, “Good for you!! English would be necessary for your future and it was a time you make yourself to be advantage.” Her expression were encouraged me. It was first time that I confided my high school plan to someone. I was thinking they would laugh at me. However, they are always boosted and encouraged me. Last day of the school she said to me, “Your English skill are improving so only thing that you need is don’t give up and try hard to everything as you can.” When I heard her assert it made me motivated therefore I decided to go to school in Thailand and enrolled to the international school.
First day at international school, I had some confidence because I had extra help from my English teacher. Everything was new and different from Japanese school and I was exited for this new environment. I set on the chair and waited for what would teacher say next. But soon I noticed that I totally could not understand what teacher said before. There was no more than me who reminded sitting on the chair. I realized that I interpreted by my way. At that time lose my confident and started feel embarrassment. When I went back to home and heading to my room I could not refrain from tears. As I tasted my tears I recalled my teacher’s expression and that was helped me to feel calm and stopped my tears. I was bent on do not give up to studying English. From that moment changed my consciousness for English and gave me high motivate for studying English.
I was afraid to being alone in the class so I stay with alien. It was a first year of my international school life. I stay with foreigner friends even I did not understand the English and tried to listen what my friends talked about. Everyday I set on next to them and just listen what they talk about. One day at canteen when I tried to bay a water one Thai girl came to me and asked me, “ What you want?” then I replied her, “ I want water.” this time I realized that I understand the English and also it was a first time I used English. As I please myself she said, “Oh!! You speak English, it was a first time I hear your voice.” And she introduces herself and gave me a high-five and to me. From this experience I enjoy to speak English and conquest about awareness for weak point with English. For this experience shows me that it was good choice that I came to Thailand and study in International school because now English is one of my talent and I like English. Therefore, now I have a future goal that is to get a job which is using English. Furthermore, I became hard worker and self-direct-learner by learning English because by using English I study a lot of vocabulary and grammar by myself. I think it was a best decision that I make in my life and must be best pride experience.

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